Fears of Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is a rewarding and exciting experience, but for a person with no experience, it can be a very daunting task. I always hear doubts from guys that want to grow beards but are too scared to take the first steps.

As someone with a luxuriously thick beard, I constantly hear the following fears and this is my advice:

  • My facial hair is too patchy: This is the phrase I hear the most from people who “can’t” grow facial hair and guess what? Mine was too. An important part of growing a beard is having the commitment to wait for your facial hair to grow enough to fill in the patches and look full. Every man has some parts of their face that don’t grow hair at all; you just have to be patient.
  • I’m worried about looking unprofessional in the workplace: This concern is tricky because it is proven that an unkempt beard and
    stubble in professional work environments is not received well. The way around this is strategically planning your beard growth. Wait until you have a couple of weeks off work and begin your growth while you are out of the office so that when you return, you already have some solid facial hair.
  • Facial hair is too itchy: This is a problem that is easily solved. All facial hair will be itchy at some point and the majority of men find it itchy at the early stages of growth. This is another test of persistence as you must wait the week or so for the feeling to pass. After that, a regimen of shampooing and conditioning your beard in the shower, along with combing and using beard oil will ensure your beard is smooth and soft.
  • Girls don’t want to kiss beards: This should only be a problem if you plan on neglecting your beard and letting it grow without maintenance. By making sure you comb your beard, apply shampoo and conditioner and use beard oil your beard will be smooth and enjoyable for any girl that may have a close encounter with it.

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