Must Have Products for Your Beard

Beards are like girlfriends; you need to treat them with love and care because if you neglect them you will suffer the consequences.

When it comes to beard products the current trend of growing beards has saturated the market with hundreds of options. These products are MY OPINION of what you should be buying to ensure your face sweater is the best it can be.

  • Comb: A comb is incredibly important when it comes to beard maintenance because it will allow you keep your beard from puffing out and looking like you have been living in the woods for the past three months. It also fights dandruff which keeps your beard from becoming itchy. You want to ensure your beard comb has both largely spaced bristles and fine bristles. I suggest using a wooden comb, unless you like holding a static charge in your facial hair.
    I would recommend the EQLEF beard comb ($15) for its reasonable price and small size that makes it a perfect fit for a coat pocket.

    The EQLEF beard comb
  • Beard Oil: Everybody has heard of it, but why do you need it? Beard oil is a great product that guarantees your beard and the skin underneath will stay soft and healthy. I also find that it helps me to do a bit of shaping in the morning to ensure my beard looks exactly how I like it.
    My recommendation is Duck Butter Beard Oil ($25) because for the price you get four bottles of oil, which will last you a long time, and if you are testing oil out for the first time it is nice to have four different scents to choose from.

    Duck Butter Beard Oil

    This may seem like an obvious inclusion but a good trimmer will make your life so much easier. Making sure any stray hairs are removed and that your beard is properly shaped will keep it looking much more attractive.
    My pick for trimmers is the Philips QT4014/16 Beard and Stubble Trimmer. It has 20 different length settings, a long lasting battery, and titanium coated blades to make trimming your beard easy and enjoyable.

    Philips QT4014/16

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  1. Best opening line of a blog, ever.
    Beards are like girlfriends; you need to treat them with love and care because if you neglect them you will suffer the consequences.
    Love it.

  2. I love the opening sentence to this post. You really intrigued me… “beards are like girlfriends, you need to treat them with love and care…” Do you actually use beard oil? I had no idea there was such thing

  3. Ahhh, so this is how you keep your beard to well kept. I need to direct a few poor blokes to your blog, Graeme.
    Also that opening statement is hilarious!

  4. I don’t like beard such a great amount of, however in the wake of perusing your blog i think i ought to try it out. I trust you will help me on this. The line with the Girlfriend was awesome.

  5. As a female who can’t grow a beard, I did not see myself being able to enjoy a blog about beards. You proved me wrong. Great Job!

  6. I love how you still find a way to put your brand of humour into your post. These are actually great gift ideas for me to keep in mind for the men in my life. Thanks Graeme!

  7. WOW! A blog about beards. Amazing!! I’m a crazy fan of beards. I m glad you came up with this blog. I have few friends who really have problems growing a beard, I’m surely going to suggest them to read your blog. Keep writing.

  8. Hi Graeme,

    Living with two other dudes who are attempting to grow their own face sweaters, your post is filled with information to set them up for success.

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