Hall of Mane

Just like everything else in life, bearded men should have heroes. Men they can look up to for inspiration and expertise.

These beards are my picks for beards that should be honored, respected, and admired. These men are the masters of facial hair and we can all learn something from their examples.

Levi Stocke

Levi Stocke is a professional model from LA and is the beard that I look up to the most. The fade from the sides of his beard into his hair is perfect. He achieves this while keeping it full-bodied and masterfully shaped. He has the confidence to switch from having his beard shorter; like the picture on the right, and longer all while maintaining a very clean-cut and professional look.

Ricki Hall

Ricki Hall’s beard is a great example of how to do a longer beard right. Even with the length of his beard, he embodies a very classy and timeless look. This is because he understands that even with his length he needs to trim properly.  He allows his mustache and chin to grow long with minor trimming but focuses on keeping his sides tight to his face.


Brian Wilson

When I think of thickness, no one does it better than Brian Wilson. He grows an incredibly full beard, with little to no patches. His beard also makes you wonder how he can achieve such a pure black without performance enhancing dyes. This man would intimidate even the toughest opponent with that face shrub.

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