Mayor Lets the Public Decide His Beard’s Fate

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati has made an interesting proposition to let the public decide whether or not he will shave his beard. Unique and fun way to involve the public? Not in my opinion.

By letting the public decide whether or not to keep his beard, it is clear that Mayor Diodati does not
take his beard, or the culture behind it seriously.

Beards are a symbol of confidence. By allowing the public to decide whether to shave or not, Mayor Diodati is portraying that he is not confident in his facial decision. Every man with a beard has gone through stages where people tell them that their beard isn’t attractive and they should shave it off. But that is part of the experience. It is through those comments that bearded men gain a confidence in their decision and how they look. If they are not able to gain this confidence, their beard would be shaved off.

Beards are also a sign of commitment and determination. By allowing the public to decide whether or not to shave, you take away all the pride of having grown a beard in the first place.

Over everything else, I don’t think the Mayor understands what people on the internet are like. The feed off chaos and love to see what they can get away with. I would assume that most people like me, see the mayor with and without a beard and see that he looks much more attractive bearded. But the internet would see that and try to get him to chop it off just for the laughs. This is the same community that named a ship “Boaty McBoatface” and caused massive controversy with naming a new flavor of Mountain Dew.

If I could give the mayor advice, I would definitely tell him not to shave off his beard. If not for all the reasons I have listed above, then because Shaving Regret is a real problem.

In conclusion, I think even if the people vote in favor of the mayor keeping his beard, I think he should still shave. To have a beard you must be confident in your decision, and respect the facial hair. It is very clear Jim Diodati does not, and until he does, he is not fit to sport a beard.

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  1. It’s so nice to see how passionate you are about this matter. It really show the commitment you have to your beard, and makes me feel more trustworthy to recommend friends to come check out your site.
    Great article though. I’ll be on Diodati’s side, he needs some fans, Go Diodati!

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