Why People Don’t Like Beards

It’s very well known that beards aren’t for everyone, but I wanted to find out the reasons people had for not enjoying them.

I talked to women with very strong opinions on beards and came up with these reasons for why beards are not liked, along with how to avoid having your beard fall under one of these categories.

Beard Hygiene

This was the reason that I heard most from the woman. They talked about beards they had seen that were greasy, full of food or littered with dandruff. It is difficult to constantly keep your beard clean, but that is a commitment you accept when you decide to grow a beard. By using a proper shampoo, conditioner and beard oil you can avoid having a dandruff problem, and the greasy look will disappear with it. Ensure that during and after eating you are aware of anything that could be falling into your beard and removing it immediately.

-Beard Burn

This is a tougher problem to properly deal with but it can be done. When you are sporting a beard that is quite short, you are more prone to administering beard burn on your partner. Commonly trimming can cause the hairs to be sharper and less enjoyable for whoever is on the receiving end of your kisses. To avoid giving your partner stache-rash, try to ensure you are combing your beard and keeping the hair very healthy by frequently applying beard oil and other products.

-Lack of Maintenance

This was brought up a lot in my research and once again can be easily avoided. If you are going for a mountain man look, all the power to you, but understand that woman do not find it attractive. On top of that, your beard looks a lot less professional. I would recommend following my trimming tips to ensure your beard is shaped properly, and make sure you stay on top of maintenance so your beard is always looking great.

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